Betty & Mike!

We Had Great Weather, Great Families And A Very Nice Couple!

Betty & Mike Congratulations!

Betty Gets Ready

Great Bride! Beautiful And Fun!

The Ladies

The Beautiful Betty

Mike, A Very Nice Groom

Mike And His Men

Sacred Heart Bridal Party

The Look Of Love

Romantic Moment!

Great Couple!


Dancing In The Moonlight

Late Night Snacking!

Marissa & Brian

Marissa And Brian Got Married On A Beautiful Day. Great Wedding!

The Bridesmaids Are Ready



The Men Arrive

There Was Enough Time For A Pre Wedding Football Game

I Do!

Let’s Start The Party!

Lots Of Kissing!

Fun Bridal Party!

Getting Down Without Grass Stains

Captured By Lynne

Beautiful Day!

Dancing THe Night Away

Gena & Matt Get Married

Gena & Matt Got Married On August 11 2007. We Shot Their Engagement Photos Earlier This Year, Actually It Was 70 Degrees Ago And They Wore Gloves During Parts Of The Photos. Great Couple, Cool Wedding, Lots Of Fun!

Gena Is Just Beautiful And We Had Fun Taking Her Photos

Lynne Spies On Gena

Strollin To Church

Spy Photographer Lynne Shoots Matt

Fun Guys!

Ceremony On The Groom’s Farm

There Is A Really Funny Story About This Photo………..But I’ll Never Tell!

Cool Stuff!

Sailing Into The Sunset

Sunset On The Farm

Party Into The Night!

Gina & Vinny

Great Couple, Great Families, Great Party!

Bridal Magazine Beauty

Future Bride


Gina Is Beautiful And Happy!

Vinny Is Ready To Get Married!

Vinny & The Men Wait…………..

Cool Moment!

Beautiful Day!

The Ladies Rockked!

Gina & Vinny Had A Great Time!

Great Cake!

Special Guest Performer!

The Drake, Thank You For Coming!

Memorial Day

Lynne’s Family Has Gone To Mass At The Veteran’s Section Of The Cemetery For Over 40 Years. When I joined The Family I Started Going Too. We Visit As Many Veteran’s Graves As We Can. Memorial Day Is A Day For Remembering Those Who Sacrificed For Us.

This Year Is Special For Many Reasons. We Hope & Pray That All Of Our Friends, Relatives And Extended Family Return Safely.

Lynne’s Dad, A Veteran of 2 Wars. We Are So Proud Of Him & Miss Him Especially On Memorial Day.

The Piper Prays Before Playing.

These Guys Were All Nervous Before They Got Started. Once The Command For Attention Was Barked Out, Instinct Took Over.

Many Different Wars Were Represented. Let’s Hope We have Less Wars In The Future. Peace Now!

The Piper


So Many Old Veterans, So Proud Of Their Medals.

Our Mayor, Dan McLaughlin, Makes A Short Speech And Announces This Years New Members Added To Yhe Orland Park Veterans Memorial.

I Told Lynne That We Were Shooting The Orland Park Memorial Ceremony. She Came To Shoot. Hearing Her Dad’s Name Announced Was Special. Then My Dad’s Name. Kind Of Like They Are Home With Us.

Everyone Pointed To Their Veteran’s Name, So We Did Too. Thinking About My Dad, A WWII Vet.

The Cub Scouts Salute!

Great Job!

Orland Park Arranged For A Fly Over From A WWII P 51 Mustang

The Returm of Rachel

Rachel Brought Her Dad To Chicago So She Could See Her Little Buddy Andy!

Waiting On An Elevator


Rachel Offers Andy A Gift

Rachel Teaching Dad How To Read

Rachel Loves Strawberries!

Missing Rachel!

Dawn & Jon

Dawn & Jon Are Both Outdoor People. We Had A Great Time Together!

A Romantic Rest Stop!

The Wildlife Were Part Of The Day. These four Guys Have A Very Vocal Leader!

This Is A Very Peaceful Part Of The Park.

A DeBeers Moment



The Oldest House In DuPage County Is The Background For This Photo And A Clue For The Wedding Site.

McD’s!!!!! Yum!!!!

Happy Sweet 16 Andy!

Little Andy Is Sweet 16 Today!

“Is That The Can Opener?” “Tuna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

One of Lynne’s Favorite Andy Photos!

Andy Is Not Too Spoiled!

Andy Loves Momma!

Santino & Lynne!

Andy And I Watch The Cubs Together After A Brief Debate About Who Gets The Remote.

The Easter Bunny Likes Andy Too!

Andy Works The Mouse When We Do Photoshop Together.

Andy Does Not Like It When I Play My Guitar. He Is Probably Planning How To Knock Lester Off The Love Seat.

There Is Something In My Stocking!

Celebrety Cat Showing Off His Calender. Call Me For A Signed Copy.

Gena & Matt

Gena & Matt Drove All The Way From Bloomington, IL To Have An Engagement Session At Graue Mill In Hinsdale, IL. Established In 1852, Graue Mill Is The Oldest Working Mill In Illinois. The Weekend Before It Was 70 Degrees. When We got To The Mill It Was Maybe 30 Degrees. It Was A Beautiful Day, Great Couple And We All Had A Wounderful Time Creating Photos And Enjoying The Day!


Matt Trying To Keep Gena Warm. Oh, It Was Very Windy Too!

The Farm, The Pond And The Ducks And Geese Are Part Of The Story So We Took Some Nature Photos Too. This Is Obviously Not A Married Couple As The Male Is Getting A Few Words In.

There is Nothing Wrong With Your Monitor! Do Not Adjust The Color, We Are Just Having A Bit Of Fun!

The Mill Was Actually Frozen! Gena & Matt Warmed It Up Later!

Lynne Took This Photo Of This Fabulous Engagement Ring!

Gena Is So Pretty She Gets 2 Photos By Herself On The Blog!

Gena & Matt Forgot We Were There. Love This Photo!

Matt Was Cool!

Gena Was Cooler!

It Started To Warm Up………A Little!

Matt Got To Practice His Carrying The Bride Skills

Gena Gets A Ride To The Ride

We Warmed Up With Some Good Ol McDonald’s!

Norma & Jeff

We Had The Great Honor To Be Part Of A Great Day Celebrating A Love Story!

We All Kinda Forgot That Norma & Jeff Were Not Going To See Each Other Before The Wedding. Glad They Did. We got Some Great Lake Photos.

There Were So Many “Look of Love” Photo Moments

Norma & Jeff Told Us, “Not Too Much Black & White.” But They Look Great In Black & White!

It’s Official!