Cheryl and Dan

We Had The Honor Of Photographing Cheryl And Dan Doyle’s Wedding On November 3, 2012. Great Wedding, Beautiful Bride And Groom.

The Rings

Getting Ready

The Beautiful Cheryl

The Veil

A Very Cool Image From The Talented Heather Ahrens



Church On Time

First Look

Magic Moment

The Crew

A Few Cool Black And White Images

First Dance

Last Dance

Happy Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

We Had The Great Honor Of Photographing A 50th Wedding Anniversary Gathering. Enjoy Some Of Our Favorites.

The Value Of Great Wedding Photography Increases As Time Passes

Very Cool Family Photo

Mom And Daughters

Dad And Daughters


Tim Teebow Made A Special Appearance

Bill and Beth

Bill & Beth Celebrated Their 35th Wedding Anniversary At The Beautiful Midlothian Country Club In Midlothian, IL. A Great Time Was Had By All. Enjoy A Few Of Our Favorites.

The Doyle Family

Gina, Daniel, Meredith

Bill & Beth

Lynne Calls This: The Look Of Love Pose

This The Last Formal Photo. I Promise

A Wedding Album Becomes More Valuable Over The Years

Great Party! Great Food! Great Wine!

Family Scrapbook

Dancing To The Same Song Played At Their Wedding 35 Years Ago

Midlothian Country Club Is Beautiful At Night Too

Katelyn and Rob

Katelyn And Rob Asked Us To Photograph Their Wedding In 2013. We Are Excited. Last Weekend Was Chosen Because The Fall Colors Were Spectacular! Katelyn And Rob Selected Graue Mill In Hinsdale, Illinois. Graue Mill Is The Oldest Mill In Illinois. Beautiful Grounds And Is Part Of The DuPage County, Illinois Park System. It Rained Over Night And Right Up Until We Started Taking Photos. We Had A Great Time! Enjoy Some Of Our Favorites!

The Ring!

Cool Moment To Be Part Of

It Was Raining When I Arrived, But It Stopped When Katelyn And Rob Arrived

Hanging Out

The Paddle That Turns The Mill

As Soon As I Saw The Umbrellas “Singing In The Rain” Played In My Mind For The Entire Shoot. Fun Song, Great Shoot!

We Got To Graue Mill Very Early SO We Could Get Some Romantic Photos

Looking Forward To A Fun Wedding In 2013

Hiding Out Behind The Mill

Romantic Moment

Blazing A New Trail At Graue Mill In Historic Hinsdale, IL

The Trails On The North Side Of The Graue Mill Are Beautiful. Katelyn And Rob Climbed Out Onto The Damn While I Stayed Safe On The Shore

Katelyn And Rob Love Porches

Beautiful Fall Infra Red Photo

Emily and Brian

Emily And Brian Were Married On September 8, 2012. It Was A Beautiful Day, Great Wedding Celebration And Wonderful People. Enjoy A Few Of Our Favorite Images.

Emily Is Ready

Brian Is Ready

The Spectacular St. Alphonsus Church In Chicago, Illinois

Just Married

Cool Moment

Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago, Illinois

The Farm In Lincoln Park Zoo

Start The Party


Lots Of Dancing

Good Night! Great Wedding Celebration!


Our Beloved Sam Passed Away On August 10th, 2012. Sam Was Born 14 Years Ago In Peotone In A Shed In Lynne’s Parents Backyard With Two Beautiful Sisters. The Sisters Soon Moved In The House, But Sam Stayed Outside For 18 Months. Often, He Would Hide In The Garden And Only His Ears Could Be Seen Amongst The Flowers. Whenever We Would Visit Peotone, Sam The Unofficial Greeter, Would Come Right Up To Us And Paw Our Calfs To Be Petted. Lynne’s Mom Advised Us Not To Pet Him Because You Can’t Stop. He Was Our Peotone Buddy From The Moment We Met.

Sam And One Of His Sisters Came To Live With Us In November 2010 After Lynne’s Mom Passed Away. Sam Fit Right In With Our Male Cat Frank And Helped Kara Lee Adjust. Both Sam And Kara Lee Would Cuddle With Lynne At Night. Sam Often Wrapping His Paws Around His Sister To Comfort Her.

Sam Soon Became Our Unofficial Greeter. Often Asking First Time Visitors For Pets And Food. Sam Was FearLess, Polite, Quiet, Neat, Clean, Loving And Very Intelligent. At 10 Pounds He Was A Quite Giant. He So Seldom Made A Sound That I was Worried For A While That He Could Not Talk. Sam Could Talk, But Choose To Do So Only When He Had Something Important To Tell Us.

Sam Had A Hollow Leg And Loved To Eat, But Stayed Trim. He Often Put Himself To Bed Shortly Before We Turned In So He Would Not Miss Us. Sam Was A Notorious Spot Stealer. If I Got Up From My Favorite Spot For A Few Seconds, I Could Count On Sam Making Himself Comfortable In My Place. Sam Loved To Climb On Lynne’s Chair In The Family Room When She Was Reading Or Watching TV And Hang Out With Her For Hours On The Cushion Behind Her Head. Sam, AKA, The Hamburgler, Also Loved KFC Original Recipe, Portillo’s Roast Beef And Wendy’s Jr. Cheeseburgers.

We Learned That Sam Was Ill Over 16 Months Ago. Sam Did Not Show Signs Of The Illness Until A Few Weeks Ago When He Started To Loose Weight. During Sam’s Last Weeks He Was Treated To All Of His Favorite Things And Surrounded By The Love Of His Family. The Most Gentle, Quiet, Loving Cat Ever, Passed Away On Friday. Sammy Left A Big Hole In Our Hearts. It Is So Quiet Here.

In Our Hearts We Know Sam Has Found Florence And Is Greeting Everyone In Heaven.

You Will Be In Our Hearts Forever

Jill and Ryan

Jill And Ryan Were Married On July 14, 2012. We Had A Great Time Capturing Their Moments. Enjoy A Few Favorites.

The Beautiful Jill

St. Joseph Church, Homewood, IL

The Rings

Just Married

Hanging Out In The Lobby

On The Roof With The Sears Tower In The Background

Cool Moment

Printer’s Row, Chicago, IL

A Little Rain Is Good Luck

Up On The Roof

The Tribune Tower

The Wrigley Building Chicago, IL

It Was So Cool Getting Close To The Dolphins In The Oceanairium At The John G. Shedd Aquarium


The Shedd Is A Great Place For A Wedding

First Dance

Watching The Fireworks

Jillian and Ryan

We Are Photographing Jill And Ryan’s Wedding This July. We Met At Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo To Take Some Photos And Had A Great Time. Enjoy A Few Of Our Favs.

Johnny Winter

I Last Saw Johnny Winter At The Arragon Ball Room In 1972. Johnny Was Drinking Jack Daniels Heavily On Stage, Smoking Like A Chimney And Played Hot, Inspirational Music. Truly a Unique Sound. Johnny Is In My Top 50 Guitar Players. Back Then The Radio Advertisement Promoted His Concert As The Blues Playing Albino From Texas. Don’t Think You Can Say That On The Radio Today! I was So Inspired That I Bought A Steel Slide For My Pinky and Played NOTHING But Johnny Winter Songs For 6 Months. Soon After I Switched To A Glass Slide And Placed It On My Ring Finger ALA Duane Allman And Have Never Been Able To Play WIth Steel Or Quite Like I Did In Those 6 Months. Had To See The Legend Again. He Was In Many Ways Better Than Young Johnny. No Drinking, Smoking Or Anything Else.

So I Have Never Posted The Backup Band Until I Heard Brown Bag Backing Johnny Winter. Great Band, Unique Sound, Great Slide Guitar Player. Bonus, They Are From My Home Neighborhood Beverly Hills, Chicago. Growing Up In Beverly, I thought That Every Kid In America Played The Guitar In A Garage Band. So Many Great Players From The Southside and Beverly. Visit Brown Bag’s Website:

As A Slide Guitar Player And A Former Steel Player I Really Appreciated Brown Bag’s Lead Guitarist. He Plays The Coolest Combination Of Steel And Slide Sitting And Standing In Standard Tuning. Very Tasty Licks.

Johnny Is Old and Has A Few Health Issues So He Sits Most Of The Night. Seeing Him Stand To Play And Sing Was Pretty Cool.

Johnny Plays This Dan Erliwine Lazer Guitar Because It Is Light, Stays In Tune No Matter How Hard You Play And Can Sound Like A Fender Stratocaster And A Gibson Les Paul. I Almost Got One Of These But Decided To Wait Until I reach Johnny’s Age.

There Was No Slide Guitar Playing And I was Sad And Disappointed. When The Bad Came Out For An Encore And Johnny Had His Famous 1959 Gibson Firebird And Steel Slide On His Pinky The Place Went Crazy!

The Last Song Was Highway 61. A Slide Show Was Playing Behind The Band And There Were So Many Great Images From The 60s. 70s, Through Today. Johnny Played With Almost Every Blues And Top 10 Guitar Player In The World.
James Marshall Hendrix On Bass Guitar, Johnny Playing Lead

Johnny Then And Now. Still Alive And Well

A Parent Album

We Were Honored To Photograph Peggy And John’s Three Children’s Weddings. Three Great Celebrations. Wonderful Bridal Parties And Families. Thank You So Much For Inviting Us To Be Part Of These Special Wedding Celebrations. Please Enjoy A Few Images From The Parent Album We Created To Capture All Three Weddings.

Julie, Chris And Katie

Beautiful Day, Beautiful Bride

We Stopped By And Played A Few Innings: Bridal Party 12 – Cubs 0

Good Night Walk On The Mag Mile At The Westin-MagMile Hotel Chicago, IL

The Beautiful Tracy And The Handsome Chris

Private Moments At The Westin RiverNorth Chicago, IL

Happy New Year!

Beautiful Bridesmaids And Parents At The Hyatt Lodge, Oakbook, IL

Just Married

Let’s Dance