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Marty Stuart Rocks The Old Town School Of Music

The Fabulous Marty Stuart And His Superlatives! Marty Can Really Play That B-Bender Telecaster! Thanks John, We All Had A Great Time!









Happy Surprise Birthday Rachel

The Return Of Rachel! Our Boston Niece, Rachel Visited Last Week. We All Had A Great Time.

Six Years After Taking The Image On The Left, Rachel Returns To Create A Cool Timeline Photo.

Shot A Mime In My Yard

Rachel In Charge

Surprise Birthday Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Pie! Yum!

Rachel Is A Blackhawk Fan!

A Few Images From Thanksgiving 2006

Luitenant Zak Zaibak

We Had The Great Honor Of Photographing Dr. Zak Zaibak’s Induction Into The United States Navy. Dr. Zaibak Had Served Earlier In His Career And Wanted To Do So Again. Many Family Members, Friends, Navy Officers, Enlisted Men And Women And Village Officials Attended. There Were A Few Moments When There Was Not A Dry Eye In The Village Hall. Enjoy A Few Of Our Favorite Images. Support Our Troops And Thank Them All For Serving And Protecting Us. God Bless Our Troops.

Semi Official Portrait Of Lt. Zak Zaibak

The Navy Arrives

Getting Ready


Presenting The Colors

Taking The Oath

Wife And Mom Place The Epaulettes

Tinley Park Mayor Zabrocki Helps Lt. Zaibak With His Jacket

Silver Dollar Exchange Is A Tradition That Goes Back To The Early Days Of Our Military When Officers Paid For The Privilege To Serve Our Country

The Official Placing Of The COver

Dr. Z’s Wife And Daughter

Lots Of Family Love And Support

Close Friends And Ship Mates

Navy Dentists

Patrick Rea, Brigadier General, US Army, Lt. Zaibak And Mayor Zabrocki

After The Ceremony, There Was A Reception At The Zaibak Center For Dentistry

The Navy Knows How To Party

Presidential Proclamation. It’s Official

Ready To Serve


Our Beloved Sam Passed Away On August 10th, 2012. Sam Was Born 14 Years Ago In Peotone In A Shed In Lynne’s Parents Backyard With Two Beautiful Sisters. The Sisters Soon Moved In The House, But Sam Stayed Outside For 18 Months. Often, He Would Hide In The Garden And Only His Ears Could Be Seen Amongst The Flowers. Whenever We Would Visit Peotone, Sam The Unofficial Greeter, Would Come Right Up To Us And Paw Our Calfs To Be Petted. Lynne’s Mom Advised Us Not To Pet Him Because You Can’t Stop. He Was Our Peotone Buddy From The Moment We Met.

Sam And One Of His Sisters Came To Live With Us In November 2010 After Lynne’s Mom Passed Away. Sam Fit Right In With Our Male Cat Frank And Helped Kara Lee Adjust. Both Sam And Kara Lee Would Cuddle With Lynne At Night. Sam Often Wrapping His Paws Around His Sister To Comfort Her.

Sam Soon Became Our Unofficial Greeter. Often Asking First Time Visitors For Pets And Food. Sam Was FearLess, Polite, Quiet, Neat, Clean, Loving And Very Intelligent. At 10 Pounds He Was A Quite Giant. He So Seldom Made A Sound That I was Worried For A While That He Could Not Talk. Sam Could Talk, But Choose To Do So Only When He Had Something Important To Tell Us.

Sam Had A Hollow Leg And Loved To Eat, But Stayed Trim. He Often Put Himself To Bed Shortly Before We Turned In So He Would Not Miss Us. Sam Was A Notorious Spot Stealer. If I Got Up From My Favorite Spot For A Few Seconds, I Could Count On Sam Making Himself Comfortable In My Place. Sam Loved To Climb On Lynne’s Chair In The Family Room When She Was Reading Or Watching TV And Hang Out With Her For Hours On The Cushion Behind Her Head. Sam, AKA, The Hamburgler, Also Loved KFC Original Recipe, Portillo’s Roast Beef And Wendy’s Jr. Cheeseburgers.

We Learned That Sam Was Ill Over 16 Months Ago. Sam Did Not Show Signs Of The Illness Until A Few Weeks Ago When He Started To Loose Weight. During Sam’s Last Weeks He Was Treated To All Of His Favorite Things And Surrounded By The Love Of His Family. The Most Gentle, Quiet, Loving Cat Ever, Passed Away On Friday. Sammy Left A Big Hole In Our Hearts. It Is So Quiet Here.

In Our Hearts We Know Sam Has Found Florence And Is Greeting Everyone In Heaven.

You Will Be In Our Hearts Forever

Johnny Winter

I Last Saw Johnny Winter At The Arragon Ball Room In 1972. Johnny Was Drinking Jack Daniels Heavily On Stage, Smoking Like A Chimney And Played Hot, Inspirational Music. Truly a Unique Sound. Johnny Is In My Top 50 Guitar Players. Back Then The Radio Advertisement Promoted His Concert As The Blues Playing Albino From Texas. Don’t Think You Can Say That On The Radio Today! I was So Inspired That I Bought A Steel Slide For My Pinky and Played NOTHING But Johnny Winter Songs For 6 Months. Soon After I Switched To A Glass Slide And Placed It On My Ring Finger ALA Duane Allman And Have Never Been Able To Play WIth Steel Or Quite Like I Did In Those 6 Months. Had To See The Legend Again. He Was In Many Ways Better Than Young Johnny. No Drinking, Smoking Or Anything Else.

So I Have Never Posted The Backup Band Until I Heard Brown Bag Backing Johnny Winter. Great Band, Unique Sound, Great Slide Guitar Player. Bonus, They Are From My Home Neighborhood Beverly Hills, Chicago. Growing Up In Beverly, I thought That Every Kid In America Played The Guitar In A Garage Band. So Many Great Players From The Southside and Beverly. Visit Brown Bag’s Website:

As A Slide Guitar Player And A Former Steel Player I Really Appreciated Brown Bag’s Lead Guitarist. He Plays The Coolest Combination Of Steel And Slide Sitting And Standing In Standard Tuning. Very Tasty Licks.

Johnny Is Old and Has A Few Health Issues So He Sits Most Of The Night. Seeing Him Stand To Play And Sing Was Pretty Cool.

Johnny Plays This Dan Erliwine Lazer Guitar Because It Is Light, Stays In Tune No Matter How Hard You Play And Can Sound Like A Fender Stratocaster And A Gibson Les Paul. I Almost Got One Of These But Decided To Wait Until I reach Johnny’s Age.

There Was No Slide Guitar Playing And I was Sad And Disappointed. When The Bad Came Out For An Encore And Johnny Had His Famous 1959 Gibson Firebird And Steel Slide On His Pinky The Place Went Crazy!

The Last Song Was Highway 61. A Slide Show Was Playing Behind The Band And There Were So Many Great Images From The 60s. 70s, Through Today. Johnny Played With Almost Every Blues And Top 10 Guitar Player In The World.
James Marshall Hendrix On Bass Guitar, Johnny Playing Lead

Johnny Then And Now. Still Alive And Well

Cartha Visits

My Friend Of 33 Years, Cartha McKenzie, Stopped By Yesterday. We Had A Great Time. Cartha Is A Man Of Many Accomplishments. Father, Grandfather, Pastor, Athlete, Owner and President Of Quality & Excellence Inc. We Enjoyed Looking At Old Football Images. Our Football Legends Get Larger Every Year We Get Older.

Right After My Last Game In a 10 Year Odyssey. We Won The Championship! Woo Hoo! I Am Standing On Something To Get Taller.

This Team Photo Was Taken 5 Minutes Before Kickoff. 10 – 15 Players Missed The Photo Because They Were Late. The Joys Of Minor League Sports. Cartha Is #87

We Won The Game And I Was Fortunate To Catch A Few Passes

Happy Valentine’s Day

The Cats Made Valentine Cards For Lynne!





South Haven Home

Fred Kunz Is A Custom Builder That Specializes In Remodeling Rooms. We have Worked Together On A Book And On Fred’s Web Page. Fred Is Working On A House In South Haven And He Invited Us Up To Take Some Photos. South Haven Is Beautiful! When We Arrived It Was Late Afternoon And The Light Was So Nice. Enjoy A Few Of Our Favorite Images.


Fred Added This Sun Room To The House. Very Nice!


Looking At Chicago Over Lake Michigan. Seemed Like A Million Miles Away


South Haven Light House


Really Cool Tree Near The Lake. A Vortex Is Good Luck And Brings Peace.


Back Of The House


Schroeder DB7

The Pursuit Of Great Tone Has Been My Holy Grail For Years. Being Able To Hear The Difference Between Great And Many Times Better Than Great can Be A Curse. After Leaving Maken Music In Chicago A Few Years Ago, I Stumbled Into Schroeder Guitar Repair. Now Schroeder Audio. Tim Schroeder Has Repaired All My Guitars And Amps At One Time Or Another And Every Time I Get Something Back From His Shop It Played And Sounded SO Much Better. A While Back Tim Introduced The DB7. We Have Similar Tastes In Music And I Toyed With The Idea Of Getting A DB7. Finally Ordered My DB7 And Could Not Be Happier.

The DB7 Is Hand Made With The Best Stuff You Can Make An Amp With. (If You Want A Technical Explanation, Call Tim Schroeder) Quality is Beyond Superior, However, That Is Not The Most Important Factor In Choosing This Amp. The Sound Is So Wonderful. Clean, Punchy, Rocks, Smooth, Creamy, Chimey. Usually When I get A New Amp It Takes A few Hours Over A Few Sessions To Get The Mojo. The DB7 Responded Exactly As expected From The First Cowboy Chord I Played. My Initial Session Went 3 Hours Because I Was Floating On Tone Clouds From Heaven. Played A Little Wes Montgomery, A Little Jackson Brown – David Lindley, A Little Neil Young, A Lot Of Duane Allman (This Amp Loves Slide Guitar) A Little Zepplin, A Lot Of Santana, A Little Beatles, A Little Who (Live Magic Bus). The Les Paul Has Never Had As Much Clean Sustain. Even At Loud Volumes When I Went From Playing A lead To Chords, I Can Get Clean Chords Without Dialing Down The Volume, Then Get A little Dirty By Attacking The Strings Harder.

My Gang Of Electric Guitars Have All Been Played Through The DB7. Some Amps Sound Better With Humbuckers, Some With Single Coil Pups. The DB7 Sounds Great With Both. I am Look Forward To Many Years Of Playing The DB7 With A Big Smile On My Face.

In The Photo Below Tim Schroeder And ¬†Myself. I was Thinking, Wow, Is This What It Was Like In The 60′s When You Went To Jim Marshall Or Leo Fender To Pick Up Your New Amp? Enjoy A few Of My Favorite Photos Of The DB7!


Blue Is My Color And Tim Nailed It For Me. Does The Color Or The Look Of An Amp Make A Difference To The Sound? Yes Because It Makes Me Want To Play It More.


The Sidecar Speaker Bottom. This One Has An Alnico Speaker And Something Else In It. 2 12s That Just Rock!. Like The Handle Built In. This Is A Ported Cabinet That Adds To The Chimeyness.


Get The Better Cables. Clean Power You Can Hear.


Very Simple Controls. I Played For Over An Hour With These Settings And The Tone Was Excellent. Then I realized The Bass Was On Zero And That Tim Told Me That The Magic Starts When You Play With The Boost Lever. YES IT DOES!!!


The Back. Simple And Easy.


The Bias Pot Is Adjustable For All You Gearheads That Go Under The Hood. Very Handy. Note That I Have #35 And It Is Hand Signed.


This Was A Great Surprise. I Never Know What Ohm Rating My Cabinets Are. Schroeder Must Have Done This With People Like Me In Mind.


This Is My Number One Electric Guitar. Best Les Paul I Have Ever Played. Went Through 6 To Find This One In 1972. This late 50′s – Early 60″s LP Has Had A Lot Of Modifications Including WCR Pickups. I could Not Stop Playing The Les Paul And The DB7. What A Combination. Got The Best Duane Allman Sounds. Great Sounding Slide Guitar Amp.


63 Strat With Lindy Fralins. Got Everything From Clapton To Country To Jeff Beck Sounds With The DB7. Very Clean And Chimey!


This Is The Last PRS Santana I Made. It Has Great Sustain And Loud Pickups. The DB7 Brought Out Sounds I Have Not Been ABle To Produce With My Other Amps. Great Combo.


My Test Lab With The Shameless Studio Promotion On The Wall. Note My Pedal Board. Never Used A Pedal. They Say That The DB7 Is Pedal Friendly But The Sounds You Get Will Make You Think Twice About Adding Pedals. My Late 60′s Marshall 50 Watt And Early 90′s Vibro King Thought They Were Up To The Challenge.


Happy Memorial Day Dad

Memorial Day Is A Special Day To Remember Veterans. We Remember “Our” Veterans Every Day And Miss Them So Much. Thank A Veteran Every Day.