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The Neverly Brothers A Rock N Roll Evolution

Our Friend John’s Neighbor Plays Drums For The Neverly Brothers. After Many Discussions About Seeing The Neverly Brothers, We Finally Saw Their Show In April At The Willowbrook Ballroom. We Were All Blown Away At The Energy, Great Singing, Musical Expertise And The BIG Sound That This 3 Piece Band Makes. The Nevery Brothers Played OutDoors In Tinley Park On August 8th And They Rocked! Incredible Sound Even Outdoors. Give The Sound Director A Raise! Enjoy A Few Favorite Images!

Everyone In The Band Sings.

Kegham Giragosian The Drummer. It’s True, The Drummer Get’s All The Girls!

Kevin Giragosian Playing The John Lennon Gibson Acoustic Guitar Made Famous By The Beatles. George Harrison Had One Too.

Craig Gigstad The Bass Player

The Second Part Of The Show Is Dedicated To The 60′s, British Invasion Music. This Image Reminds Me Of The Beatles Live At Shea Stadium

Great Sound Even Outdoors!

Rock N Roll!

The New Invaders

The New Invaders Played Orland Park 6 1 2013. They Cover An Amazing Amount Of Music From The 60′s. I Find Myself Often Being Transported To The 60′s Listening To The Invaders. Getting Choked Up On More Than A Few Tunes. Every Member Of The Band Is A Virtuoso Musician. Every Member Sings. Most Play Multiple Instruments. Visit Their Site: new And Catch A Show!

Tenting It With The New Invaders! 2 Hours Of Amazing Music!

Joe Garcia Bowing The Telecaster Ala Jimmy Page During A mind Blowing “Whole Lotta Love” I Had A Violin Bow And Tried Playing It On The Les Paul. Never Quite Got The Hang Of It. Joe Garcia Has It Down! Zepplin Recorded “Whole Lotta Love” In 1968 While On A US Tour For Their First Album. The New Invaders Are Known For Their 60′s Cover Tunes. Most Relate Zepplin To The 70′s, However, Their First 2 Albums Were Recording In The 60′s. We Were All Blown Away With “Whole Lotta Love”!

Jay Goeppner And Melody Mallin Singing Harmony

Stan Getz Or Zoot Simms?

Jimmy Herter Playing Faux Marimbas

Rickenbacker Moment Never See The Bass Player Smiling

Jay Goeppner Belting Out A Song

Jimmy Herter Playing 2 Of The 6 Instruments He Plays On Stage. “California Dreamin”

A Little Jeff Beck Whammy Bar Stuff. Very Nice!

I Had A 1967 Country Gentleman Like This Guitar. Bought It From The Famous Randy Snapp. The Guitar Came With A Few Slide Guitar Lessons. Priceless!