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Tasha & Kevin

Tasha & Kevin Selected A Fabulous Day For Their Wedding! Getting Ready At The Marriott Across From Rush Hospital In Chicago’s Taylor Street Area To The Beautiful Ceremony At Notre Dame Catholic Church On Harrison. After The Ceremony We took A Ride Out To The Kinzie Street Bridge. The Willis Tower And Other and Other Icon Buildings In Chicago’s Skyline Can Be Seen In the Background From The Kinzie Street Bridge. Quick Stop At A Local Chicago Park District Location And Then Out To The Abbington In Glen Ellyn, IL. Enjoy A Few Of Our Favorites!

The Evans Family

We Photographed Bonnie And John’s Wedding Back In The Film Days. They Are A Wonderful Couple And Have Two Very Sweet Children. Enjoy A Few Of Our Favorite Images From Their Recent Family Photo.


Two Beautiful Children!


Dad Gets Tackled On The 2 Yard Line!


Mom And Her Crew



One Of Our Favorites


Fall Fun!


Cool Family!


Karen and Jim

We Shot Karen And Jims Wedding And Had A Great Time! Whenever I Go To Their Home, Karen And Jim Have The Best Classic Rock Playing. Great Music All Day, Great Party, Enjoy Some Of Our Favorites!

“She’s Leaving Home”


Karen And Dad Are On Time


Butterflies, Cupcakes And A Happy Bride!


We Had A Great Time In The Bridal Suite


Jim, Relaxed And Ready


Jim’s Ring


Very Cool Moment!


Karen And Her Dad Had A Long Walk


The Grounds At The Jacob Henry Mansion Are Spectacular. Beautiful Ceremony!


Karen And Jim Had A Butterfly Release That Was Beautiful. We Loved Shooting It!


We REALLY Loved Shooting The Butterfly Release


Cool Garden For Photos. Beautiful Couple


Karen And Jim’s Wonderful Bridal Party In Front Of The Very Cool Jacob Henry Mansion, Joliet, IL


Good Guys Wear Cowboy Hats


Very Cool Toasts!


Butterflies, Moonbeams, And Fairytales


Cupcakes! Yum!


Dancing In The Sunset! Great Music At This Wedding! Whole Lotta Love!



Cool Late Night Snack!


Over The Threshold!


Betty & Mike!

We Had Great Weather, Great Families And A Very Nice Couple!

Betty & Mike Congratulations!

Betty Gets Ready

Great Bride! Beautiful And Fun!

The Ladies

The Beautiful Betty

Mike, A Very Nice Groom

Mike And His Men

Sacred Heart Bridal Party

The Look Of Love

Romantic Moment!

Great Couple!


Dancing In The Moonlight

Late Night Snacking!

Marissa & Brian

Marissa And Brian Got Married On A Beautiful Day. Great Wedding!

The Bridesmaids Are Ready



The Men Arrive

There Was Enough Time For A Pre Wedding Football Game

I Do!

Let’s Start The Party!

Lots Of Kissing!

Fun Bridal Party!

Getting Down Without Grass Stains

Captured By Lynne

Beautiful Day!

Dancing THe Night Away

Gena & Matt Get Married

Gena & Matt Got Married On August 11 2007. We Shot Their Engagement Photos Earlier This Year, Actually It Was 70 Degrees Ago And They Wore Gloves During Parts Of The Photos. Great Couple, Cool Wedding, Lots Of Fun!

Gena Is Just Beautiful And We Had Fun Taking Her Photos

Lynne Spies On Gena

Strollin To Church

Spy Photographer Lynne Shoots Matt

Fun Guys!

Ceremony On The Groom’s Farm

There Is A Really Funny Story About This Photo………..But I’ll Never Tell!

Cool Stuff!

Sailing Into The Sunset

Sunset On The Farm

Party Into The Night!

Gina & Vinny

Great Couple, Great Families, Great Party!

Bridal Magazine Beauty

Future Bride


Gina Is Beautiful And Happy!

Vinny Is Ready To Get Married!

Vinny & The Men Wait…………..

Cool Moment!

Beautiful Day!

The Ladies Rockked!

Gina & Vinny Had A Great Time!

Great Cake!

Special Guest Performer!

The Drake, Thank You For Coming!

The Returm of Rachel

Rachel Brought Her Dad To Chicago So She Could See Her Little Buddy Andy!

Waiting On An Elevator


Rachel Offers Andy A Gift

Rachel Teaching Dad How To Read

Rachel Loves Strawberries!

Missing Rachel!

Dawn & Jon

Dawn & Jon Are Both Outdoor People. We Had A Great Time Together!

A Romantic Rest Stop!

The Wildlife Were Part Of The Day. These four Guys Have A Very Vocal Leader!

This Is A Very Peaceful Part Of The Park.

A DeBeers Moment



The Oldest House In DuPage County Is The Background For This Photo And A Clue For The Wedding Site.

McD’s!!!!! Yum!!!!

Happy Sweet 16 Andy!

Little Andy Is Sweet 16 Today!

“Is That The Can Opener?” “Tuna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

One of Lynne’s Favorite Andy Photos!

Andy Is Not Too Spoiled!

Andy Loves Momma!

Santino & Lynne!

Andy And I Watch The Cubs Together After A Brief Debate About Who Gets The Remote.

The Easter Bunny Likes Andy Too!

Andy Works The Mouse When We Do Photoshop Together.

Andy Does Not Like It When I Play My Guitar. He Is Probably Planning How To Knock Lester Off The Love Seat.

There Is Something In My Stocking!

Celebrety Cat Showing Off His Calender. Call Me For A Signed Copy.